Belleville Family Law Attorney

At the Law Offices of Susan Parnell Wilson, we represent clients from all walks of life in family law matters, ranging from divorce, matters involving children and support issues to marital property division, probate and estate revisions.

We primarily practice family law and can offer you exceptional representation that guides you through the process from start to finish, pointing out common pitfalls and mistakes. We will also assist you in needed revisions to wills, powers of attorney and other probate areas to reflect these new changes in your life.

Illinois Divorce and Parenting Responsibility Allocation Attorney

At the Law Offices of Susan Parnell Wilson, we firmly believe in the mediation process and the benefits it can bring to divorce and parenting responsibility allocation proceedings. Parenting responsibility allocation was formerly known as child custody.

As a licensed mediator since 1993, attorney Susan Parnell Wilson finds that agreements and divisions reached through mediation are less often contested or in need of modification later. If appointed by the court, she will seek to help opposing parties reach a resolution that brings closure, and allows both of them to move past the marriage or paternity relationship to healthy futures. However, our office will not be able to be both a mediator and an attorney representing one of the parties, as this is a conflict.

Assuming our office has not done the mediation, we will thoroughly represent your interests in court. We deal with family law situations every day, and we are aware of the situations that may arise as your case progresses. You can be assured that our lawyers and staff will keep you abreast of every development, and we will educate you thoroughly to avoid any surprises.

Belleville Family Law Attorney

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