The majority of all of our offices are decorated with artwork purchased through the years at Art on the Square, a renowned art show in Belleville, IL which has been ranked first or second in the nation every year for the past 10 years by the ArtFair Source Book.


Hand dyed fiber art created by Sandi Garris, who resides in State College, Pennsylvania (www.sandigarris.com) The title of the art is "Rain Forest"


An additional piece of art by Sandi Garris is the creation entitled "It Takes a Village"


This art entitled "Feuillage bleu #2" was created by Danielle Desplan, an artist from New York, who specializes in Mixed Media on Paper. (www.danielledesplan.com) Ms. Desplan obtained her law degree in France, before relocating to the states where she resides with her family.


This is number one of 135 prints from an original serigraph created by Michael Leu, an artist from Novato, California. This print has special significance to Ms. Wilson as she taught high school French for 10 years before becoming an attorney and has traveled to Paris multiple times. The title of the print is "by the Seine". (www.michaelleu.com)