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Even high asset divorces benefit from mediation

Divorce mediation allows couples who want to face divorce with civility and respect an alternative to traditionally mediated divorce. Even in cases where couples find it difficult to communicate without conflict, mediation can offer an effective process each party can use to reach fair agreements about every area of divorce.

Mediation can be exceptionally useful to divorcing couples with children, because it often allows parents to work out divorce terms in a fair, responsible way that can be less harmful to children than a winner-take-all approach. However, even couples without children may find mediation useful, especially when it comes to dividing property.

The requirements for a simplified joint dissolution of marriage

Divorcing Illinois spouses often have two big questions on their mind: How much is this going to cost? And, how long is this going to take? Cost and timing vary based on the specific details of a divore. However, there are some things that generally may be able to help point a divorce towards being cheaper, faster and less stressful.

One possible such option is settling a divorce via the Illinois simplified joint dissolution process, which is available to select spouses.

Mediation might help you work out a co-parenting plan

Mediation is a very useful tool when it comes to working out a divorce settlement and child custody. If you and your-soon-to-be ex-husband both want a divorce without a lengthy court battle, mediation might be your best option. Not only will it help the two of you work toward a fair property division, including how you will handle your house in Belleville, but you can create a parenting plan for your children.

When couples choose to use mediation to reach a custody agreement, they do so knowing that the focus of the process will be on what is best for the children. Read further to find out more about mediation for child custody.

Pushing for your parental rights in a contentious divorce

Divorce has a way of bringing the worst out in people. It can be an isolating, painful experience. Those who feel hurt often choose to lash out at others, and that's when divorce gets messy. One spouse decides he or she wants to use the children to prove a point. It may seem like obtaining custody is a means of "winning" the divorce and punishing the other parent. Sadly, it's often the children who pay, socially and emotionally, when parents refuse to work together in a divorce.

You know your spouse isn't keen on the idea of sharing custody. You also believe it's the only fair outcome to the dissolution of your marriage. You both love your children, and you both want to take part in their lives. That means that you will need to work together if you want to parent effectively. However, before you can work on building a healthy co-parenting relationship, you need to assert your rights as a parent.

Tips to keep your divorce “healthy”

Is there such a thing as a nice and easy divorce? Maybe for couples that were only married for two seconds and did not have enough time to make any joint purchases or have children. However, even for these couples, the process can be complicated. Once you throw in kids, the house in Belleville, retirement and investment accounts, and over ten years of marriage, things definitely get more complicated. And contentious.

While you and your soon-to-be ex-wife cannot agree on most things anymore, one thing you are in alignment with is trying to get through divorce as smoothly as possible. For some strategies to help you have a "healthy" divorce, read the tips below.

Know the penalties in Illinois for drunk driving

With football season just around the corner, people are going to head out to parties to watch the games. Other festivities might also come up. One thing that many parties have in common is that there are alcoholic beverages offered.

If you are planning to go to outings with alcoholic beverages, make sure that you are prepared to get home safely. This means either using a designated driver or another method. If you do have to drive home after the party, either don't drink or be prepared to face drunk driving charges.

Include the right details in your parenting agreement

In the event of a child custody dispute, it's only natural to believe that you'll end up in court at some point in time. While this could happen, here's something to remember: A large number of disputes are resolved before the case ever goes to court.

With the help of a parenting agreement, you can work through all the details of child custody outside of court. This doesn't mean you will never disagree with the other parent, but it does mean that you have the ability to work things out without heading to court.

Do you know how divorce mediation works?

Going through a divorce is never a simple process, but it doesn't have to be nearly as stressful and contentious as some people make it out to be.

There are times when you have no choice but to work through your disagreements in court, however, you shouldn't assume that this is your only option. Did you know that divorce mediation is becoming more common with each passing year?

An attorney can help you fight for custody of your children

Divorce is a complicated process, and it can be an emotionally difficult time as well. One of the hardest things may be the involuntary separation from your children. If your former spouse filed for divorce, he or she may have received temporary custody during divorce proceedings. That often means you only see your children during evening and weekend visits, while also being expected to pay child support. In Illinois, the laws were changed in 2016 to include different language. Custody is now referred to as parental responsibility allocation or decision making power, while child support is now duty of support.

Whatever phrase you use to describe it, parental responsibility allocation or custody is often one of the most contested aspects of any divorce. Both you and your former spouse likely want to live with your children full time. It can be hard to find a mutually beneficial compromise when emotions are high. If you are in the process of getting divorced and do not agree with your former spouse about parental responsibility allocation or other critical topics, such as asset division, you need to speak with an experienced Illinois family law and divorce attorney as soon as possible.

An attorney can help place a value on assets in a divorce

Over the course of a marriage, many couples obtain a wide variety of assets. These can range from retirement accounts and investment properties to fine art or expensive memorabilia from sports or Hollywood. When a couple decides to divorce, those non-monetary assets can become a major complication. One spouse may have an emotional attachment to some of these assets, and likely neither is able to place a clear value on them.

If you have non-traditional assets, you will need the help of an experienced Illinois divorce and family law attorney to place a reasonable value on them for court.

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